A Legacy of Kindness

2017 is a year of celebration for Family Service of Rhode Island (FSRI), and with good reason: for the past 125 years they’ve been making life better for children and parents coping with illness, poverty, trauma and other challenging circumstances, on the East Side and beyond. They have done so by forging successful partnerships and affiliations, and developing innovative programs with various service providers throughout the state. It all began in 1892 with a partnership between Brown University and FSRI and a simple mission: to reduce pauperism, relieve poverty and to help the poor become self-supporting.

If you are not familiar with FSRI, you have likely heard of the names of some of the forward-thinking individuals (several with streets named after them here on the East Side) who have been associated with the organization over the years:  READ MORE 

Feature article written for East Side Monthly magazine, April 2017.