Interview Style

Hats Off To Classic Style

Warren's own Dapper Flapper, Geraldine Purcell, makes unforgettable headpieces

Photo by Grace Lentini

Having grown up in Dublin, Ireland, milliner Geraldine Purcell, now a resident of Warren, was informed by her city’s cosmopolitan buzz. She spent time in its museums and art galleries where she found artistic inspiration in Dublin’s history, old photographs, and the fashions, techniques and textiles of bygone days. Her passion for an era past is evident in the hats, bags and other items she makes, which are, themselves, intricate works of art.

We don’t see many small millinery operations these days. How did you get into the business of hat making?
I always liked to wear hats when I was growing up. After experimenting with pattern making, I used those skills to experiment with making hats. I made my first hat when I was around 17 or 18. The first one was…  READ MORE from The Bay Magazine.

Style piece for April 2017 issue of The Bay Magazine.