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Musings On Spring

The season dawdles getting here, which makes it's arrival that much sweeter.

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Artwork by Maria Carluccio

It is early April, all bluster and mud, on the cusp of winter and spring. Still, it’s a hopeful time of year, and I am ready for it. (Aren’t we all?) Following a stretch of cold months where I was, in large part, cooped up inside, spring is more than welcome.

Breathe, breathe in fully, I remind myself. Count the seconds.

The expectation of spring brings a certain comfort, the knowing that while everything must come to pass, Earth still spins on its axis, things with feathers flit about, critters emerge from holes, life persists, shifts and regenerates, and those of us lucky to live in a four-season zone see the physical manifestation of the Earth’s, and our own, rebirth. Each year it is the same. Every spring. We count on it, right?  READ MORE at Rhode Island Monthly.

Published by Rhode Island Monthly, April 2017.

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